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From the Bottom of My Broken Heart

hi there..
We said ’ Never look back ‘
but you always remember or your back and cannt forget her .
am I your girl friend ?? am I your special girl that you never say before ??
Hurt …
yes , I am so hurt
never feel hurted than before .
You promised your self but to somebody else and you made it so perfectly clear ..

I tried to give you anything and everything , tried to make you happy relation with me . But I didnt feel the same . Could we make a relationship like anyone else ? Laugh?? Happy ?? Have Fun ? and Feel loving day between us ??

I’m sorry for blaming you for everything , I just couldn’t do . And I have hurt my self by hurting you .

What have I become , my sweetest friend , my life , my self even my little family . Everyone everything I know goes away in the end .

If I could start again , a million miles away , I would keep myself .

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